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Community Tire Retreading is based in St.Louis, Missouri and has distributors in 22 states throughout the Midwest and the South.  We specialize in mold cure retreading and repairing of light truck, truck, and off the road tires.  We are the first and most comprehensive bead to bead line up in North America. Our commitment, with both our retreading and repairing, is to produce a finished product that matches both new tire looks and performance. With the exception of some specialty items for the military, our products are distributed exclusively through our network of tire dealers. If you have questions about our products or a distributor in your area, please .


The story of Community Tire begins over 100 years ago on April 6th, 1906, with the birth of Michael A. Berra. A first generation American, Mike grew up in an Italian community in St. Louis known as “The Hill.”  Upon the death of his mother from tuberculosis, Mike had to quit school after the 8th grade in order to take a job to help support his family. For the next six years he toiled in menial jobs that included labeling boxes at a pasta company, hammering heels into shoes, and filling sandbags on a WPA project to reroute the Des Peres River.


In 1928, at the age of 22, Mike opened a Sinclair Service Station on the corner of Kingshighway and Shaw.  After seven years owning and operating the King-Shaw Super Station, Mike took a big risk and sold the station in order to start Community Tire Company. At its inception in 1935, Community Tire sold new and used tires, batteries, and had one mold for repairing used tires.

From its humble beginnings, Community Tire Co. continues to grow and expand.  We recently moved into a new, state of the art facility (our fourth such expansion) and have made major investments in equipment to expand and improve the consistency of our product offering.

Today, second and third generation Michael's operate the business and, like their father and grandfather before, can be found daily on the plant floor.  While much has changed in the 70 plus years since our founding, Community Tire Retreading remains committed to the ideals of hard work and ingenuity established by Mike when he first started patching tires.

Owned by Mike’s youngest son Phil, and his son Andy, our sister company, Community Wholesale Tire, has grown into one of the largest new tire distributors in the Midwest.



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