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Since starting in the tire retread business in the 1940’s, our philosophy has been to produce a retreaded or repaired tire that delivers both new tire looks and performance.  For that reason, all of our products are 100% mold cure, just as in new tire production.

Our Unicure line of light truck, truck, and OTR tires produces a finished product that is second to none in the industry.  In 1993, as radial tires began taking on more of the OE market share, we realized the need to find a system to retread these tires that would match the dynamics unique to the mission profile of the radial tire in service.  Unlike our competition, we decided trying to adapt an existing method was not an option.  We sought out a system that would properly address the damage from stress, and wear and tear, in the sidewall of the tire.  A system that would give the tire the best chance to wear out a second, third, and in some cases fourth tread life.  We decided on our Unicure OTR System as the only way to deliver this type of performance.  We began with two presses, eight sizes, and three designs and have never looked back.

All of our tires receive a thorough visual inspection.  Next, with a series of buffers varying by size, tires are buffed on a C&C-type, computer controlled buffer to an exact profile and diameter.  Another inspection occurs after buff, tires are then skived and filled in preparation for building.  With various compounds to match application, tires are then built on a computer controlled builder, again to an exact profile and diameter.  

The curing stage for our tires can be broken into two lines:  modern, radial tread designs are cured in segmented, automatic presses and bias, with some square profile radial tires, tires are cured in two piece molds shoulder to shoulder.