Facts about our Unicure Bead to Bead System

 The challenge common in retreading radial OTR tires has always been to make casing last as long as the second tread life. 

The most common failure modes of radial OTR tires are:
     1. Sidewall damage.
          a. Radial cracking due to fatigue.
          b. Damage due to cuts and scrapes
     2. Casing belt edge separation.
          a. In our experience, over 50% of all worn radial casings 26.5-25 and larger have some degree of edge separation.
          b. These separations are uncovered in our buffing process which follows the contour of the worn tire.
          c. Left untreated, these separations will continue to grow in size and the tire will fail before the second tread is worn out. 


 Our bead to bead retreads have the rubber on both sidewalls completely rebuilt.
The old surface is removed and deep cuts and cracks are removed.


 Belt separations in the first and second belt usually can
be cut back to solid rubber. Tires with separations below
and the second belt are rejected. 

 New tire appearance